Need to update text or images to your Divi website?

The following video and support guide below show how to add/edit general text and/or images to a web page using the Divi Builder/

View Support Video Here

or use the following steps outlined below

Log into your website Admin Dashboard

 - Open Website in another tab (right click "Visit Site" link as per below)

 - click Enable Visual Builder

The page will load it Edit Mode

 As the mouse cursor scrolls over the screen the following objects will appear that can be edited

 - Section (blue)

 - Row (green)

 - Module (grey) - modules include text, images etc

* You should only need to add / edit Rows or Modules

To Edit an existing Text module click the "Module Settings" icon as shown below

The Text Module will load (as shown below)

 - update the text then click the "green" save button to save text changes

Add A New Row

 - click "green" add icon to add new row

 - select Row Format

 - Select Module to add (Text, Image etc)

Once modules have been added save changes to your page
 - click the "purple" settings icon at bottom of page

 - Click the "green" Save button in bottom right corner to PUBLISH the changes

Once finished, you can Exit the Visual Builder