Adding a Virtual or Downloadable product is similar to adding a pyhsical product, you  jsut have to select the "Virtual" option as show below.

To Add a New Virtual / Downloadable Product:

 - From your website Admin Dashboard
- Products
 - Add New

 - Enter the fields / options below

- Product Name
- Description
- Select Category (optional)
 - Set main product image (recommended size approx 600x400)

 - Remember to click Save Draft throughout.... once all settings / details complete you can then Publish to make live on front end of website.

The following step sets the product to Virtual / Downloadable:
- tick Virtual / downloadable options
- set Price- Upload PDF file
- can enter a short description (displayed under product name on product page)
 - Save any changes

Although some stores are configured slightly different all download files are released once payment confirmed.