Local businesses, both large and small, have the ability to create a business listing directly on search engines. Here’s an example of what they look like on Google: Service based businesses targeting a specific area can benefit from having such a listing just as much as national businesses with multiple office locations can.

The key to it driving new business to your doorstep is about more than just creating the listing though. Without taking the next step and optimising the listing, Google can struggle to identify what your business does and what searches it should rank your listing for.

If you meet Google halfway by completing research into what your ideal customers search for and then optimise your listing for those terms, you’ll be able to have a competitive edge over other businesses in your area. That’s where Local SEO services come in. As a company that focuses on revenue generating Local SEO for our clients, our goal is to get our client’s business listings appearing in the top three results of the box with the maps to drive more calls to their business. We can take care of doing the research and optimising your listing on an ongoing basis.

We focus on delivering a high ROI so that you can grow your business in your ideal local area using marketing methods that work.

It’s really just about leaving your mark on the local maps.

If you’re anything like the business owners we work with, then you’ll agree that life would be so much easier if you could fill your work diary up with jobs around 10-15km from your location.

You could squeeze in more back to back jobs, make more of your work hours billable and cut out the time you spend in traffic between jobs.

Local SEO is the art and science of getting your business showing up in the maps box of search results. That means, when someone in your target area searches for your services online, you show up in the top 3 results, right on the map.

Here’s an example of how Digital Surfer achieves this on the Gold Coast.

Local SEO Gold Coast