If your website uses Adava theme you should have access to the Fusion Builder to create/edit pages & posts.

Creating a blog post using the Fusion Builder allows greater freedom setting out the layout and adding different elements (eg text blocks, images, buttons) with ease.

Once logged into the backend Dashboard

  • click Posts

  • All Posts
    (existing posts are displayed)

  • You may create new post by clicking Add New or roll curser over existing post and select Clone to use an existing post layout (then just have to modify text and images etc)

If creating a brand new post page from scratch activate Avada’s Fusion Builder as shown below

Activate Fusion Page Builder

Select Container option and select preferred layout (each container section allows you to add an element (ie text box, image etc)

You can add additional containers as you build the page (text, images etc) are added to each container)

Get started

Fusion Builder Column options

Choose a Column Option when you want to split your page into columns. This inserts a column structure to your page, in which you then put Builder Elements. Column sizes and numbers can be changed later.

Once you choose a Column Option, that option appears in the white space below. To build your page think like you were putting a puzzle together.

If you have added a column of 5 x 6ths on the left, the only other option that will fit on the right is 1 x 6th.

You can drag one column from the left of the page, to the right of the page.

Click the minus button on any one column option decreases the amount of columns that element will take. The plus button is the exact opposite.

Fusion Builder Elements

Builder Elements can be added without first choosing a Column Option. The elements will be inserted on one row that spans across the whole of your page. These can then be dragged inside a column, if needed.

There is an array of Builder Element options in Avada. Let’s start with text. Once you have added your columns, as above, you may like to add a text block to a column.

Just click the Builder Element button, find TEXT and then click and drag it to your column.

Hover over the element, then click the paint brush icon that appears top right to add or edit text.

All elements can be edited in using the same edit icon.

Fusion Builder Add Text

Change the text, or the medium within the element, then click SAVE, the box will close.

Once that window closes, click the blue UPDATE button to save your changes.

Now click the blue SAVE button. The edit box will close